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Helicopter Dolly And Helicopter Mover adid = 14372

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale | HangarTools

Helicopter Dolly''s and Movers.

Several sizes available.
3mtr * 3mtr
4mtr * 4mtr (split design)
4,5mtr * 4,5mtr (split design)
5mtr * 6mtr (Pro-series)
All platforms are custome made, ensuring a perfect fit.

Get your Helicopter quickly and safe in and out of the hangar without anybody''s help, and quickly enjoy what it is all about FLYING.

Wooden landing surface with anti-slip to cushions the landing and to ensure sufficient grip.
Split design assures a low dolly height and lessens the wheel load.
Automatic brake when disconnecting from your tractor.

Due to the simplicity of Helicopter-Dolly our system reduces the chance of hangar rash, handling accidents or ground handling equipment damaging your aircraft.

No need to lift or jack up your aircraft and no special brackets.
The Handle bar moves in and out, so you only need to park your tractor within 0,5 meter of the coupling.

The Helicopter-Dolly is designed to be operated by one person, this system will enable you to have your helicopter ready outside within 10 minutes, no help from other persons required.

Contact Rob MusContact Details +45-30376800 Ask a Question

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