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Rutan Long-ez For Sale adid = 18510

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Rutan homebuilt, Long-Ez | Offers invited

RUTAN LONG-EZ FOR SALE, offers invited. Built by current owner 1982-1993. TTAF 330 hours. Lycoming O-235-L2C;70 hours since complete professional rebuild with many new parts including bearings, camshaft, oil pump. Gt American and Ken Fern 62x62 props. Full panel including Narco 12D navcom, AT150 mode C transponder, Whelen strobes/nav lights, roll cage. Many other new or low hours items including Wilhelmson electric nose lift, Hal Hunt 4 stack exhaust, Cambrai covers, Gill battery, 500x5 tires, new heavy duty brake discs. Roll bar.LAA permit to May 27 2016. Can be viewed at Prestwick International Airport. Contact Mike Timmons 01563 540510

Contact Michael TimmonsContact Details 01563 540510

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi Mike I'm interested in getting more info. Would you please indicate a price range TO begin pleas? i am forma Italy but with good connection in UK Cheers Emilio

A1 Hi Emilio, looking for around ?20,000 but negotiable. Mike, 4 November 2013

Q2 Hi Mike, Is the aircraft fitted with the sprung nose wheel and 500 tyes permitting operation from grass runways? Best regards, John

A2 It is fitted with a Willhelmson electric nose lift. Canards are not ideal for operating off grass unless you have a large engine or a lot of grass. Most examples wont rotate to lift the nose wheel until around 65Kts. Mike

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