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Cheap Flying !! Samba For Sale adid = 24281

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Urban Air | 26000.00

This aircraft has 1400 hours and engine was overhauled at a 1000 hours and is in PMO. has Altimeter, Airspeed indicator, CHT, Tacometer,Hour Meter, Fuel Comsumption,Artificial horizon, Slip indicator, Engine instruments, vartometer.
Wheel sprats, Landing light,Radio,intercom, transponder, Always kept in hangar. This is A lovely aircraft to fly .Call phone numbers below for any trial . Permit to Fly valid to March 2013 .

Wing Span = 9.928m
Fuselage Length = 5.9m
Powerplant = Jabiru 2200

Based in Kilrush Airfield, Kildare, Ireland Phone 00353872522612
or 0035345522647

Contact Seamus Brennan
Rotax accredited training fom ConAir