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Bolkow Junior D-egxo For Sale adid = 25364

Aviation Photo number 32673
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Bolkow, Bolkow Junior 208C | 17,500.00 OVNO

This Bolkow junior 208C is in excellent order throughout and has to be amongst the finest examples. No corrosion and excellent paint. Cruise at 106kts. Airframe TT 1935hrs. Engine, Rolls Royce 0200 (Continental) TT 1930hrs. Three new Continental cylinder kits fitted recently at 1891.20hrs to positions 2,3 & 4. No.1 cylinder position changed with new at approx 1200hrs. This is a well balanced aircraft with great all round performance and near 400nm range. See photos at flickr: bolkow junior D-EGXO. Contact: Note: Please no time wasters, proceedable enquiries only.
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