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French House + Hangarage Private Airfield Reduced! adid = 8955

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Property, For Sale | 100K

For sale or would consider swapping for a UK property.

As a private sale there are no additional agents fees, just the French Notaires fees.

A 200yr old fully renovated stone house in Mayenne countryside, Lounge with wood burner, kitchen dining room, two large bedrooms of about thirty square metres , two bathrooms one with large shower and double sink units, oil fired central heating + wood-burning stove. All the rooms feature original oak beams.

Large garage, apple, plum, greengage, cherry and peach orchard.

Hangarage is available at a private airfield 12 minutes drive from the house. There is an 800 metres grass runway 09/27 with open approaches at both ends. The cost of which is only ?50 per month. The grass is regularly cut so all you have to do is turn up and fly.

We are not moving from the area which we love. We have another house 800 metres from the one being sold so can assist the buyer with any transition problems in moving to France.

This is my other house which is available to buy for ?145K.

If sold we would then keep the house advertised here. The choice is there.

Please email me for further details and to arrange viewing. The property is close to airfields served by Ryanair and Flybe so viewing is straightforward.

Email address is:
Telephone 07446 938 374
Contact Contact the ownerContact Details +44 7446 938 374