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listing placed 25 November 2021 United Kingdom

Mainair Blade 912

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Blade 912 7250

Blade 912 in great condition, ready to go! Permit until end of May 2022.

Appeared in this months Micro Flyer magazine as a Quantum when they read the reg wrong!

Rotax engine starts and runs perfectly. Genuine CDI units in excellent order; starts cold on either mag and no rev drop so they aren’t going to let you down anytime soon. Any inspection welcome.

This has a smidge under 1700 hours on the airframe and just over on the engine so should last decades.

Flying wires have been replaced recently as per the P&M service bulletin.

All the instruments you’ll need; ASI, VSI, Alt, Ball Compass, voltage, CHT, Coolant Temp, Oil Pressure, RPM. Altimeter is calibrated to the mb setting so gives an accurate altitude.

When we bought this Blade we asked for Steve Wilkes to inspect the sail and test it above ther required 1050g and the previous owner agreed to let us test it to 1200g so we could be certain the sail was going to last the duration. When Gordon Faulkner did the inspection on it for the permit he said he knew it would pass before he even did the Betts. He was full of nothing but praise for the machine.

The aircraft had an accident a few years ago and was properly rebuilt by P&M at their factory. I took this as a massive plus because it really is like a new 2013 machine: the pod and spats are new so very bright and not faded like an original 2000 model. P&M would not scrimp on anything and have replaced most of the trike and wing.

We have fitted an iCom A6e 8.33kHz radio and a Microavionics two place intercom that charges the radio in flight. There’s also a GPS ground speed indicator which is battery powered and also gives you GPS altitude, miles travelled and time. That’s really handy if you need to work out the wind direction while you’re in the air: fly in a circle and the slowest ground speed is the direction the wind is from.

It’s fitted with training bars so it can be used for instruction or just flown from the back seat.

Being a Blade it copes very well when you get surprised by turbulence or rough weather and with a 65L long range tank it should be good for four or five hours endurance.

Wing trim works well and holds in place; I’ve noticed on other Blades it can slip and make it hard to get off the ground when at MAUW but I guess P&M may have replaced it during its rebuild..

Any test flight welcome as long as you are licensed, insured and left a 75% deposit. Otherwise you’re very welcome to come for a flight with me whenever it’s flyable in Wrexham, North Wales.

May be able to deliver (after cleared payment) if you sort out my return journey. Currently owned by a syndicate of two but only flown by myself as the other owner seems to have abandoned his nPPL and has never flown it as PIC.

Plenty of well organised paperwork and logbooks kept meticulously up to date. Any questions please phone, text or email “supergalley at hotmail dot com”

Reason for sale: we are moving back to the dark side (three axis). This Blade will give many years of trouble free cheap and reliable flying.

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