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listing placed 05 August 2022 United Kingdom

Aeronca L16A ex USAF

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L16A £49,500

This L16A is the Military version of the Champ, beefed up in many ways, and is very rare and a genuine ex US Army /USAF aircraft, built in 1947 and is the only one in the UK, this one has the factory S/no of: 7BCM-11, the 11th one made and delivered to the US Army Air Corps on the 4th of August 1947 out of an order of 509 being built for the US National Guard in 1947. When the Korean War broke out in 1950 L16A's were diverted to Korea to replace the ageing Piper L4's. serial numbered by the Army as 47-797 it was in service with the 1st Cavalry Division. In 1956 47-797 was handed over to the Civil Air Patrol , Savannah Squadron at Robbins Air base in Georgia where it served until the 1970's.

Refurbishment was undertaken from 2014 to 2018 to bring it to originality and flying condition. A dispensation is in place so it can fly on its USAF serial 47-797 and display on the fuselage and wings A-797 where the "A" represented an Artillery Regiment A reproduction of the original Army Air Corps Data Plate has been fitted, the original is retained safely with the Log Books.

New heavy duty Lift Struts, rebuilt Oleo landing gear, new Goodyear disc brakes pads, pucks, anvils, pistons, cables, etc, new Park Brake fitted, self castoring and auto unlocking Maule TW-100 Tailwheel and Heavy Duty rear springs, new instrument panel, all instruments calibrated, original parachute seats, but with restored original back and seat cushions fitted, manufactured by "The American Lady Corset Company in Detroit"

Engine has done 460 hours since zero timed and a new Fuel injection unit was fitted then also. At recent refurb time new plugs were fitted, exchange Bendix Mags (with release certificates) the AA7 mag switch has been restored.. Mags have approx 440 hours to run until the next inspection, new screened ignition harness's, new P Leads, New exhaust stacks, and mufflers and baffles, ( both mufflers feed cabin heat) new braided Fuel lines and hoses, new Throttle Cables, the original Lunkenheimer fuel primer was rebuilt, new Safe Air quick release oil sump valve fitted to allow oil changes without removing the cowls, new upper plexiglass, windscreen was professionally polished and is unmarked. the list is endless, it seemed at the time as if everything was being replaced. Care was taken to ensure the aircrafts originality remained. Over 2000 man hours went into the work.

4 place Hooker Harness fitted to both seats, shoulder straps are new and the Lap straps which are about 4" wide are perfect and the same as original type ( same as fitted to B17's) these were supplied to me by the USAF, these really do strap the aircraft on to you. These wide Lap Straps are great for holding the stick back for a Solo start up.

The door eject mechanism is still present and works perfectly, to fly with the door off on hot days it takes 2 minutes to remove the locking safety pin, push the lever and the door comes off, goes back on just as easy This is great for photography. Bail out proceedure after door jettison is placarded.

All the work done over 4 years was documented electronically in
text and photographs and will be supplied on a Memory stick with the aircraft.

Powered by a Continental 0-190-01 ( C85-8FJ) with FUEL INJECTION, Propellor is a metal McCauley IB-90, engine has 460 hours since major & zero timed, starts first pull of the prop, no need to swing just pull, runs ever so smooth and the fuel injection allows the throttle to be slammed open without hesitation. Moisture, excess fuel and vapour is pumped back into the tank to avoid problems.

Total time airframe is only 3479 hours

LAA Permit runs until the 16th of June 2023

Being very light and nimble it flies perfectly and very manouverable and will fly hands off straight and level all day at all speeds in all weathers, no lateral instabilility, cruises @ 95mph @ 2400 rpm, approx 16-17 litres/hour, or low and slow @2000-2100 rpm approx giving 75 -80mph 12-13 litres hour, depending on weight carried, I have flown it ever so slowly at low rpm and done long decending glides with no fear of carb icing.

At Fly-ins it gathers the crowds as it is the only one you will ever see. If you Google the magazine of the Vintage Aircraft club Autumn 2018 and flick through the pages, around page 9 there is a little bit of interesting history there with the Vintage Aircraft Club.

Solo's from the front seat with great visibility over the nose and all round due to the Greenhouse Cockpit the Short field performance is amazing, both to take off and land, easily accesses the Microlight strips, and unmade fields, even Farm tracks, the usual approach speed is 50mph but the Pilots flight manual shows that it can come in if need be at 42mph at 1200 rpm for really short field. this is no doubt the easiest and toughest tailwheel aircraft to fly with no vices what so ever.

All the original manuals, not copies, covering erection and setup, repairs in the field for damage etc, full component and parts lists and the Pilots flying manuals are still with the aircraft.

No known Accidents or damage since it arrived in the UK to the USAF at RAF Upper Hayford in the early 1970's, and always hangared.

In 2018 it was the subject of a CAA/LAA audit, and after a very thorough and lengthy inspection of aircraft and documentation, worksheets, Log Books etc by both of them the logs were stamped with " no findings"

Includes a recent 8.33 Icom, 4 place intercom (many more features than a 2 place) 2 x Headsets, 2 x PTT buttons are installed in the Aircraft and there is an original luggage box behind the rear seat with a restored hinged cover. A reproduction of the original Placard is fitted indicating what Ordnance and firearms for Crew protection can be carried and what weight can be carried in the aft position.

Guys get together, this would make a fantastic Group Aircraft, also a great trainer and can be flown on an NPPL .

Aircraft is currently based in Staffordshire

The image of the guy with the Baseball and Glove was a Re-enactor posing for Flypast Magazine.

All reasonable offers will be considered.. please drop me an email or text/call 07966 386588

Thanks for looking.

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