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listing placed 10 November 2022 Ireland

1979 Socata Rallye 110ST Galopin *SOLD by Wilco Aviation*

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Rallye 110ST Galopin

We are thrilled to have just exclusively listed this lovely SOCATA Rallye 110ST. The aircraft is currently located at Navan Airfield in the the Republic of Ireland.

During 1979, SOCATA (which Morane-Saulnier had previously merged into) decided to rename all of the Rallye series’ various models, each being assigned their own individual Gallic names. During the early 1980s, the Rallye was eventually phased out of production in France in favour of the newer Socata TB series.

The SOCATA Rallye is a single-engined, low-wing monoplane light aircraft, capable of STOL (short takeoff and landing) performance. The Rallye is considered to be sound and functional aircraft; efforts were made upon later-built aircraft to improve the type’s visual appeal and to clean up the exterior. Composed of all metal construction, it is typically outfitted with a fixed tricycle landing gear, complete with an offset free-castering nosewheel and relatively closely spaced main gear.

Unusually, the landing gear of the Rallye is articulated in order to better withstand the sharp forces that are imposed during STOL landings. Flying Magazine noted that the Rallye is “a very nice-landing aircraft”.

The Rallye series is perfect for operation on short grass strips and can been seen flying doing so at most airfield across the UK and Europe. Type support is much better than most realise with all parts available new from RGV, and used parts easily obtained.

The Rallye was a design that was ahead of its competition, and the 110ST is arguably the best model of them all. Think of the Rallye 110ST as the French equivalent to a Cessna 152. The Rallye is equipped with a cantilever wing, which incorporated interconnected full-span automatic leading edge slats, wide-chord slotted ailerons, and wide-span Fowler-type trailing edge flaps. The combination of full-span slats and large Fowler flaps provided the aircraft with its capable slow-speed flight performance. Fuel is also internally carried within the wings. According to Flying Magazine, the Rallye possessed a generous degree of controllability and was relatively forgiving to fly, being extremely difficult to mishandle to the point where effective control of the aircraft would be lost. The aircraft is safe to fly at practically any piloting skill level.

November Tango benefits from a recently fitted Trig TT31 Mode S Transponder and Trig TY96 8.33Khz spaced radio. Variants of this type with a heavier engine wouldn’t see you gain much in airspeed, and they certainly couldn’t land as slow. Short field performance is remarkable when lightly loaded giving typical STOL performance. The engine in G-HENT was rebuilt to factory tolerances back in 2011 with a top end overhaul taking place in 2019.

Total fuel 27 USG (102 Litres)
95knt cruise @ 6 USG per hour.
Interior: Black Leather
Exterior: White, Navy Blue and Sky Blue
Trig TY96 (8·33 kHz spaced)
Trig TT31 (Mode S) Transponder
Direction Indicator (DI)
Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
Air Speed Indicator (ASI)
Altitude Indicator (AI)
Artificial Horizon
Ampere Meter
Suction Gauge
Turn & Slip Indicator
NAV Lights

Interior – 7/10
Exterior – 8/10

YEAR: 1979
MAKE: Socata
MODEL: Rallye 110ST Galopin
AIRFRAME HOURS: 6300 (+/- 5hrs)
ENGINE HOURS: 970 (+/- 5hrs)
PROP HOURS: 720 (+/- 5hrs)
LAST ANNUAL: 23/06/2022
LAST ARC: 23/06/2022


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