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listing placed 24 November 2022 United Kingdom

New Group Forming - Wolverhampton Half Penny Green

I have been on the lookout for a share for a while and non have come up, so looking to see if anyone else is in the same boat and getting something set up.

Based at Half Penny Green Wolverhampton Airport

Aircraft - depending what is available and budget - Robin R2112 / Slingsby Firefly / 172 / PA28 / anything else which may fit

Looking for between 3-5 others (4-6 way share) - no more than £10k per share

With hourly rates around £100 at current avgas prices

Monthlies around £100-£150 depending on numbers etc.

I’ve owned a number of aircraft before and had shares before, so am happy with the admin side of things.

If you’re interested please drop me a text 07846402515

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