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Afors Advertising Credits

Every user, commercial or private will recieve 3 complimentary advertising credits when they first register. Thereafter, up to 3 credits every 30 days. The credits are not cumulative. So a user will have a maximum of 3 complimentary credits at any one time.
This will allow a couple of ads, with refreshes every now and then.

Commercial should consider buying additional credits, so as to support the site. It does after all cost money to run.

You Can Buy additional credits via this button.

Cost of Advertising credits

Number of Credits Cost
First 5 (minimum buy)£25.00
Next 10 (6-15)£4.00 each
Next 10 (16 - 25)£3.00 each
Next 25 (26 - 50)£2.00 each
Remainder (more than 50)£1.00 each

Use of Credits

Advertising credits can be used for any of the following user interactions

Type of user actionNumber of credits required
Create a new ad1 credit
Refresh an existing advert1 credit
Feature an advert5 Paid credits
Ask a Question about an ad no credits required
Answer a Question about an ad no credits required
Send an enquiry about an adno credits required
Book a bannerFlexible, Visit the Baner advertising page
Complimentary credits will always be used up first

What if I'm just having a clear out

If you are a private user and are just selling lots of accumulated stuff, drop me an e mail and I will be more than happy to give you enough additional complimentary credits to cover your clearance. Please note though, You cannot use these additional complimentary credits to feature an advert, or to post the same advert in multiple categories.

If you are a commercial user, want to create a featured advert, or want to book a banner, then you can Buy Credits here