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Sold! Jabiru Ul430 2200 - Marlborough adid = 31084

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Three-axis Microlights, For Sale | Jabiru, UL430 | 16500

SOLD!!! Jabiru UL430 microligth with 2200 engine.

Update: reduced price for quick sale. Best price for a Jabiru UL, and best A/C performance at this budget!

More photos here:

Built in 2000, only 300 hours airframe and 320 hours engine since new.

The engine serial number is 324, with solid lifters, but it also has the larger heads with big cooling fins.

The top overhaul was rebuilt in September 2012 and included: heads replaced with re-con units with big fins, + new valves + guides, pistons de-coked, new cooling ducts, new starter motor.From my understanding it was done to eliminate overheating problems.
The engine has 140 hours since rebuilt.

Last service was in April with the Jabiru specialist Roger Lewis ( It included a full check-over and fix of various details such as main carriage bolts tightening, elevator and trim set, flaps correction to fly straight, distributor seals replacement etc.
Permitted and weighted in May 2014.

Two sets of wheels: normal and big foot (Currently the normal ones fitted for weight purposes).

Standard avionics, ICOM dashboard mounted transceiver plus a Garrecht VT-01 Ultracompact Mode S Transponder which is not fitted yet but is fully working.

Full set of accessories: outdoor cockpit and engine cover, indoor wings cover, lightweight chocks, claw tie-downs set, electric fuel transfer pump, headsets (x1).

Selling because of newborn - the plane is under-utilized.
Send Adrian Rotaru a Secure Message. Contact Details 07508309032
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