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  1. Browsing the adverts

      If you look at the left hand column on each page of the site, you will find 3 seperate search areas.

    • Advanced Search

      This is a deep search, where you can select from the various options on the drop down lists, allowing you to hone in on adverts of interest to you. clicking on the go button will ask the site to display only those relavent adverts.

      Due to the number of combination of options, a multi-option search could well result in no records being found with those options, especially while the site is still quite young

    • Text search

      In order to search for key words, this section allows you to type in key words, such as:- coloured horses.
      Firstly, select which options you want from the section and category drop down boxes.

      In the input box titled Search for?. Just type in your Key words phrase. Clicking on the go button, will ask the site to display ads(if any) which contain that phrase or word

      Note:- If you just click the go button in the Text Search block, you will get a list of every advert on the site.

    • Advert search

      If you have previously visited the site, and have taken a note of a particular advet ID. You can type the adid (advert ID) into the text box. Clicking the go button will take you straight to the ad.

  2. Advertising your horse

    • Register

      Firstly you must be a registered user of the site. This is totally free and can be done using This link.
      Once you fill out and submit the registration form, you will be sent an e-mail, which you must reply to, in order to confirm that we are able to contact you. This is now necessary so that we can ensure it is a real user and not a spambot trying to get information. Your e-mail address will never be displayed on the site, nor disclosed to third partys, as per our privacy policy.

    • Create an advert

      You can create an advert, by clicking on the link on the main page of the site. Note, if you are not logged on, the system will prompt you to do so. You will then be taken to the create advert form, which hopefully should be self explanatory Note you cannot add pictures at this stage..

    • Add Pictures

      You will have noticed that while creating the advert, there is no faciity provided for adding pictures. This is deliberate, as uploading picture data generates the majority of user errors, which cannot be detected at PC level. (1)
      and we didn't want users having unknown errors whilest creating their advert.

      There are a number of limitations to uploading pictures :- The image must not be greater than 125Kbytes in size, and must be in either jpg, jif or png format.
      Unfortunately, for security reasons, browsers cannot check the PC file system to ensure the pictures are the correct format before they are uploaded. Therefore error messages can only be generated at the server end. This means uploading a picture first and recieving error messages later.
      Depending on your connection speed, uploading pictures can take several seconds.
      For this reason, whilst you may upload up to 6 pictures, you may only do so one at a time, once the main ad has been created.
      By clicking on the create/ maintain advert again, and selecting the ad to edit, you will now see that the original form has a new section at the bottom for adding pictures, which hopefully should also be self explanitory.
      Sorry for this perhaps, long winded section, but I thought it would be usefull to explain why it was done this way.