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listing placed 24 August 2012 United Kingdom

VUK-T for sale in Macedonia

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vuk-t 7,150 eur

The VUK-T often called VUK is a standard class single-seat high-performance glider for its time intended for transit training. It is made ​​entirely of fiberglass.The glider is permitted to do the following aerobatic maneuvers: Loop, stall turn, sharp turn and spin.The plane has a very strong airframe and it is cheap to maintain.
Best glide ratio: 37,5
Rate of sink: 0.65 m/s
Stall speed (VS): 59 km/h
Speed in turn when thermalling: 85 km/h
Maneuvering speed (VA): 150 km/h
Speed at best glide ratio: 105 km/h
Maximum aerotow speed: 125 km/h
Optimum bank angle when thermalling: 30?
Maximum speed with open air brakes: 240 km/h
Maximum speed in calm air (Vne): 240 km/h
Maximum speed in winch or car launch: 110 km/h
Maximum speed in rough air: 150 km/h.
SN: 269
Year: 1984
Starts: 202
Hours: 290,51
Airworthiness until 22.03.2013
No damage history.
Vario, E-Vario, VHF, compass, speed indicator, altimeter.

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