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Afors works on a credit system.

It costs £10.00 to register as an advertiser.

In exchange for your tenner,

Three complimentary advertising credits are allocated upon confirming your e mail address, in addition, 2 paid credits are allocated upon becoming fully validated, which involves inserting a validation code from a physical postcard, delivered through your letterbox.

Thereafter, up to 3 complimentary credits every 30 days are allocated to your account. These credits are not cumulative.

You will have a maximum of 3 complimentary credits at any one time.

Here is a summary of what credits can be used for, and how much additional credits cost.

Number of Credits Cost
First 5£25.00
Next 10 (6-15)£4.00 each
Next 10 (16 - 25)£3.00 each
Next 25 (26 - 50)£2.00 each
Remainder (more than 50)£1.00 each

Use of Credits

Advertising credits can be used for any of the following user interactions.

Type of user actionNumber of credits required
Create a new adOne credit.
Refresh an existing advertOne credit.
Feature an advertFive Paid credits.
Create a Keyword alertone credit.
Book a bannerFlexible, Visit the Baner advertising page
Complimentary credits will always be used up first.

You can buy additional credits by clicking on the button below.

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