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Search Instructions

There are two search blocks on afors

the first and possibly the most obvious, is on the left, under Quick Search

is the quick search, you can select the country, section, category, advert age, and by key word, or any combunation of these.

Once you click the green "search the adverts" button, the search algorithm will instantly return your results.

The other search block, is in the menu bar under "search the listings"

in addition to the above, this also offers product age, the advert age, the manufacturer and the price search options

search by Key words field

used properly, this is very useful.

If you already know the advert number you are looking for, just type in the number in the field and click the search the adverts button, it will take you straight to the advert.

Now, Lets say you are looking for a tiger moth. Just type in the two words tiger moth. Then click search the adverts. Search Snippet

In the example above, the server will look for every occurence of tiger moth in the database, and return the records containing those keywords.

you can combine this with all the other fields availble

Have fun,and enjoy, Alex Paterson