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listing placed 29 March 2022 United Kingdom

Microavionics Powered radio Interface MM005

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MM005 £275.00

(MM005A) Powered Interface FOR Panel Mount Radios ONLY
Not just a simple radio interface. We use the latest electronic technology to enabled us to produce an efficient powered radio interface, with very low power consumption typically only 6mA, and all the features a pilot would require.The user can change various selectable features which reconfigure radio type (i.e. from type ‘A’ [Icom A20] to Type ‘BB’ [Icom A6]) etc,
control intercom volume levels, mute audio levels, etc.
The voice reproduction through the intercom unit is very bright and clear, optimized for noisy environments.
Connection to the mobile telephone is equally as clear and the Audio volume levels can be configured depending upon what telephone or second radio you are connecting.
Fully specified with four LED status monitors showing power, TX, RX, and headset batteries charged.
Connect an airband radio and, for chatting to your flying group, a second PMR type radio can be connected at the same time.
We recommend PMR the Alan 446 radio. Connection for mobile telephone is standard. Stereo music input and separate stereo audio output.
Twin PTT inputs, when P1 transmits the mic on P2 will mute and vice versa. Users can select either 10v (Icom A6 etc) or 12 volts (Icom A3 etc)output to power the radio. User-adjustable max intercom volume level and adjustable max mic TX level. Music, second radio, mobile telephone will mute automatically once the master radio receives an incoming signal. Auxiliary control can be used to turn a motor on a cassette recorder or an LED on the dashboard. The interface comes pre-configured and ready to plug and go. Our equipment will work with some other UK brands.

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