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listing placed 18 November 2021 Ireland

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Auster 5J1 ** Must Sell - Send Offers **

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£21k Stg

You can feel a sense of history at your fingertips with everything you touch on an aircraft like this. This Auster 5 Series J1 was built in Rearsby in 1947 when the post-war civil aviation boom was taking off. G-AJRN as it was then, was a training aircraft for Darlington & District Aero Club and passed through many notable hands in the UK.

It had just been put up for sale at Weston Aerodrome when it caught the eye of a young man in 1970, who had not yet learned to fly. Through the early 70’s he learned to fly her at Dublin International Airport and he and his instructor flew it to France twice which proves what we were all capable of before the magenta line took over. The airframe has 3279hrs TT and the Cirrus Minor II engine 870hrs SMOH, we have scanned logbooks available on request. The aircraft is hangared at a private airfield in North County Dublin, where we have arrangements in place with an experienced instructor to demonstrate and check out any potential new owner. In the air, you can expect 85-90Mph cruise speed which is in line with a Super Cub. The fuel tank holds 15 Imperial Gallons which is good for 2.5hrs plus a reserve, fuel burn would be 4.5 Imperial Gallons in the cruise and ups to 5 Imperial Gallons in the Circuit. Auster marketed the slogan “The Steel Aeroplane” and you get a sense of the quality of construction on a breezy day, where the Auster will outshine its contemporaries. In the panel, there is a Trig Mode S transponder, Sigtonics SPA 400 Intercom and it is wired for a handheld which works well as the aircraft lives inside controlled airspace.

The aircraft is on an ILAS Permit to Fly. We would recommend anyone in Ireland interested in vintage, homebuilt or aerobatics to join ILAS if they have not already done so. It really is a pleasure to list this aircraft, meet the current owner and play a part in finding her a new home. Importing an aircraft and placing it on a permit to fly is no small undertaking, so if you have been considering a classic aircraft we would love to show you EI-AUM. Compared to any classic car €25,000 is a modest price for the attention and adventure you will command with this fine aircraft.

£21k Sterling
€25k Euro

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