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listing placed 26 September 2021 United Kingdom

X-Air Standard 582 - Plane now sold, thank you Afors

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This is a wonderfully simple, forgiving and fun plane to fly, best bet for an introduction to aircraft ownership and perfect for hours building. Engineered like a Chieftain tank but gets off the ground two up from a short strip, climbs at a respectable rate and lands in a small field without the need for flaps. The Rotax 582 is excellent, a torquey and reliable little motor.

Reality check:
1) G-CBNJ is a 2002 example, getting on in years and the unimproved access model so getting in and out isn’t easy. This wasn’t a plane designed around a 6’7” octogenarian. But let’s face it, if you want to fly on a budget you have to overcome the improbable and just get on with it. 2) G-CBNJ is grubby. And unless someone’s found a remedy for mould on Dacron, it’ll probably remain grubby until all its covers have eventually been replaced. 3) It’s thirsty on fuel, especially two up.

Better news/things done:
New tail, fin and control surface skins.
Most fuel hoses replaced.
Replaced loads of nuts, bolts and circlips.
Main wheel bearings replaced.
New Tyres on main wheels.
New brake pads.
New Engine mounts.
New carb inlet rubbers.

Things still to be done:
Windscreen/door windows need replacing. I looked into this, the Lexan seems to cost about £200. G-CBNJ needs an 8.33 radio, I’ve never bothered replacing the existing radio, where I go I never really need to talk to anyone, it’s like airside for hermits. All main instruments work well but EGT and ECT gauges can be temperamental.

Airframe hours 575, but rising as still being flown. Engine hours 529 (but only 40 since top end overhaul)

Recent flying in G-CBNJ on Youtube – search: UK’s Smallest International Airport or try:

Genuine reason for sale.
Located in South West Scotland.
All paperwork in place and up to date.

New Permit to Fly: expires September 2022

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