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listing placed 06 December 2021 United Kingdom

1 Share in 3 amazing aircraft

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Reluctantly due to changing circumstances, I am forced to sell my share in three gorgeous and interesting aircraft based at Popham. Available are:

Robin DR400
Emeraude CP301 (Taildragger)
Wassmer WA52 (Variable Pitch Propellor)

All three are stunning aircraft to fly and the group has a good relationship with the maintenance company (just two hangars down from our hangar) and so all three aircraft are well maintained.

Monthly costs are a very modest £75/month and hourlies are equally modest at £90 for the Robin and Wassmer and just £60 for the Emeraude. (Rates are wet and based off hobbs)

The group has plenty of CRI's who are members as well, so even if you don't have the DIfferences for the taildragger or the VPP (as I didn't before I joined), they can sort you out!

The Hampshire Flying Group is the oldest group based at Popham and has excellent hangarage with plenty of resources for it's aircraft. The group itself is well run and is a great group of pilots who just want to enjoy flying.
There are currently 35 members of the group, and across three aircraft, this works out nicely with fantastic availability. Even if the aircraft aren't available, everyone is very welcoming to flying together!

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If interested, ping me an email for more details:


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