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Flying In Florida - Private Villa Rental adid = 14461

Aviation Photo number 10253
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Property, To Rent | ?395 to ?495 per week

Our privately owned villa is ideally located for flying in Florida.

3 Bedroom Florida Villa near Disney, with private swimming pool which faces south, overlooking a lake and enjoys the Florida sunshine all day long.

Beautifully furnished and fully equipped throughout.

10 minutes to Walt Disney World
20 minutes to Universal Studios
25 minutes to Kissimmee Gateway Airport
45 minutes to Lakeland Linder Regional Airport

Villa rental prices: ?395 to ?495 per week (plus ?75 for optional pool heat).

Available all year round.

Full details at our Florida Villa website.
Send Bryn Charlton a Secure Message. Contact Details 01925 765141 or 07976 929832

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